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March 18, 2020
Dear Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, and Friends of Rotary,
We are Rotarians, People of Action.
When our community needs us, we are there.
I am asked, "Dave, what can we do?"
The answer: STAY HOME!
Unless you are employed in a critical service industry, STAY HOME.
You can be helpful from home.  KEEP IN CONTACT with friends and neighbors, especially those who live alone.  Inquire about both their physical and mental well-being.  We expect depressed mood and even suicidal thoughts when people are isolated for extended periods of time.  ADDRESS FOOD SECURITY in your community.  Trust that cash donations to your local food bank will get to those in need.
If you are under 65 and otherwise healthy, there may be a limited role for hands on activity, such as delivering "Meals on Wheels," bringing medication from a pharmacy to your neighbor, or providing brief childcare for a single parent who needs to get groceries.
Be of counsel, electronically, to your children and grandchildren not in your household.  Social isolation will be increasingly difficult for them psychologically, but so necessary for the health of our community.  They will want to "hang with their friends."  Stress that someone could die if they do that, and that is not an exaggeration.  
Live to serve another day!

Dave Hannan
District 7120 Governor 2019-2020
Rotary Connects the World


CORONAVIRUS: Impact on Rotary
March 7, 2020
Dear Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, and Friends of Rotary,
                I am writing to you to inform you about Coronavirus, how this disease outbreak can impact your Rotary club, and what should be done to continue our mission of “Service Above Self” to our communities.
                Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is a novel (new) respiratory virus which is rapidly spreading from its origin in Wuhan, China, to many parts of the world.  It is likely to spread to our communities soon.  The major concern is what appears to be a high mortality rate (2%-3%) as well as the ease of transmission from person to person, while there is not an available vaccine or anti-viral medication for this disease.
                Understand the terms VIRAL LOAD, ISOLATION, and REVERSE ISOLATION.
                VIRAL LOAD is the number of a given virus strain that enters your body.  Your immune system may effectively prevent symptoms if you are exposed to only a low number of these viruses, but a larger number may overwhelm your immune system and cause symptoms.  Your goal should be to MINIMIZE the Viral Load you are exposed to.
                ISOLATION is the process of placing a sick person in a separate environment so that people will not have physical contact with that sick person.  This can be done through at home isolation with some diseases, while other disease cases must be isolated in a hospital.
                REVERSE ISOLATION is the process of placing in isolation a person who does not have the infectious disease, but whose immune system is compromised by another disease which places that person at higher risk of getting the infectious disease and dying from it.
                To reduce your personal risk of becoming infected, wash your hands frequently with soap or hand-sanitizer; clean countertops, desks, laptops, and doorknobs frequently; keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth; and reduce your close contact with other people.  STOP the handshakes, hugs, and kisses that we often see at Rotary gatherings!  I recommend a RIGHT ELBOW BUMP instead.
                To reduce your risk of transmitting disease to others, stay home if you feel sick; sneeze or cough into your LEFT ELBOW; and use tissues to wipe eyes, nose, and mouth—once only, then dispose.  
                At this time, I recommend that Rotary clubs continue to meet as scheduled and to continue fundraising and community service projects.  Those who have severe chronic medical conditions such as lung disease and immune deficiencies should be allowed to attend meetings by audio- or video-conference call.
               Effective March 14, the District Training Assembly in Canandaigua on April 4 has been cancelled.
               Our district is continuing plans for the Multi-District President-Elect Training Seminar in Syracuse on March 13-14,  and the District Conference in Niagara Falls, NY on May 1-3.  Rotary International has given District Governors the authority to postpone or cancel these mandatory training events if local circumstances dictate.  Of course, if these events are canceled, your registration fees will be refunded.
                 Along with District Youth Exchange Chair Julie Carney, I am monitoring the status of our inbound and outbound youth exchange students.  At this time, we are recommending that they stay in place, but will accommodate parents who request an early return home.
               I am monitoring and  (These are very reliable, apolitical sources of information.)
               Wishing you the best of health,  
                DG Dave Hannan
Dear Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, and Friends of Rotary,
                As I made my official club visits throughout our district in the first half of our Rotary year, I gave each club a financial incentive to be creative with an education and literacy initiative in their community, along with a request to each club president to report back to me by April 1 regarding the application of those funds.  I have begun to receive these reports, and I look forward to presenting this information at the District Conference in May.  (Newark Rotary’s District Conference Committee is planning a very informative and entertaining event.  Registration will open soon, and I will email you when that goes “live.”)
                The education and literacy initiative was put in perspective as I read the February issue of The Rotarian magazine.  The articles inform about  The Rotary Foundation’s Peace Building efforts in Rwanda over the past 25 years.  I encourage you to read those articles, but a key point is that education and literacy efforts cannot succeed without a peaceful environment.  We are indeed fortunate, despite our diverse opinions on so many cultural and political issues, that we live in a peaceful society where education and literacy can be promoted effectively. 
                Each Rotarian’s contributions, through club activities and The Rotary Foundation, are effective and efficient ways to promote peace and enhance literacy.  I encourage everyone to learn more about these opportunities at the following events:
  1. Multi-District President-Elect Training Seminar, March 13-14, for club Presidents-Elect and Assistant Governors;
  2. District Training Assembly, April 4, in Canandaigua, FOR ALL ROTARIANS;
  3. District Conference, May 1-3, in Niagara Falls, NY, FOR ALL ROTARIANS;
  4. Rotary International Convention, June 6-10, in Honolulu, HI, FOR ALL ROTARIANS.     
Your “Service Above Self” is not likely to involve travel to the war-torn areas of the world, but Rotary supports people who make those trips.  You can support these projects by contributing to the annual fund of The Rotary Foundation.  Be part of “Every Rotarian, Every Year,” “Sustaining Member,” or “Paul Harris Society,” as your means allow.  Your impact on Peace and Literacy will be greater than you can imagine.  Write your check today, to “The Rotary Foundation,” and give it to your club’s foundation chair or president.   
DG Dave Hannan
Now offered as a podcast.  Information will be sent to registrants by March 28, 2020
Registration is now open for the Rotary Foundation District Grant Management Seminars (GMS).  
We are Rotarians! We are People of Action!!!  And we need Money to help make the action happen. 
For clubs to have access to District Grants and Global Grants, two representatives are required to attend a GMS.
Dear Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, and Friends of Rotary,
                In December I completed my official club presentations by meeting with the Sodus and Livonia Rotary Clubs.  That completed 69 Rotary Clubs in just over 5 months, and it was a most enjoyable experience to see the variation among clubs and communities while recognizing the similarities within the mission of “Service Above Self.”  It was also my pleasure to attend holiday parties with Livonia, Sodus, and a joint event with Ontario-Walworth and Gananda; new member induction ceremonies at Rochester Southwest and Newark; Paul Harris Fellow recognition ceremonies in Greece, Newark, Ontario-Walworth, and Gananda; fundraising events for Canandaigua and Rochester, both involving the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra; and district meetings of the Governors Tract and the Milt Matthews District Governor-Elect Hospitality Program.
                On February 23 we will mark the 115th anniversary of Rotary’s founding by Paul Harris in Chicago.  Could he even remotely envision then where we would be today?  However, he did live to see Rotary become an international service organization that was growing exponentially.  We can all wonder where Rotary will evolve in our lifetimes and those of our children and grandchildren.
                In that regard, one of the greatest opportunities before us is the ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE PROGRAM.  The beneficiaries of this program are not just the students, but the host families, the host Rotary clubs, the school districts, the communities, and peacebuilding in the world at large.  I refer you to page 39 of the January 2020 issue of The Rotarian.  In the annual section, “What It’s Like To…,” there is an article titled, “Host Two Generations of Youth Exchange Students,” by my friends 7150 District Governor Randy Wilson and Sauquoit Rotarian Janet Wilson.  Years ago, they hosted an exchange student from India, and then years later they hosted his daughter.  It is a remarkable story, which they close saying, “If you agree to host a student from a foreign country for several months in your home, you will host them in your heart for the rest of your lives.”
                I ask each of you Rotarians to market this program within your communities and your school districts.  We need students from our district to apply to go outbound for a year, and we need families in our communities to host inbound students.  I hope every club will adopt this program part of their strategic plan.  This is not a simple project, but the rewards are lifelong.  If this will be new for your Rotary club, let’s get started now!  District 7120 has devoted Youth Exchange Committee members willing to meet with you.
DG Dave Hannan
Dear Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, and Friends of Rotary,
                In November I met with the following clubs: Gananda, Caledonia-Mumford, Gorham, and Webster.  We held our monthly Governor’s Tract meeting in Canandaigua, and I attended the Rotary Leadership Institute at the RIT Inn and Conference Center, the District Conference Committee meeting at the Niagara Falls Convention Center, the Youth Exchange Outbound Candidate Interviews at Sunshine Campus in Rush, the ROC City Rotary Art Auction at the Historic German House, the District Nominating Committee meeting in Victor, and the Rochester Rotary Eastern Cities Dinner Planning Committee meeting at Locust Hill Country Club.
                At the Geneva Rotary weekly meeting on November 20, I was among Rotarians from 4 clubs who heard a presentation by Mark Rokow.  Mark is a former Geneva High Interactor who went on to American University, where he led the effort to charter a Rotaract Club with 100 of his classmates.  His efforts were recognized by Rotary International and he was one of only five Rotaractors invited to speak at the Governor-Elect Training Seminar in San Diego last January.             
It is with great pleasure I announce that the District Nominating Committee has interviewed and chosen Ralph Brandt of the Rotary Club of Bloomfield, New York as the District Governor Nominee Designate. Ralph has graciously accepted the invitation to serve and has already begun her training as a member of the DG Track to serve as District Governor in the Rotary year 2022-2023.
Since joining the Bloomfield Rotary Club in 1991, he has served as  3 terms as President and 2 half-year terms. His Rotary career includes serving as Treasurer and Secretary and as a Board member for 27 years. More recently, Ralph has also served as the Assistant Governor for Area 5 for 3 years.
He is a multiple Paul Harris Fellow and recipient of many club awards. Ralph has also been on the Board of RL (Rotary-Lions) Concessions for 28 years.
Dear Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, and Friends of Rotary,
Every Rotarian Every YearIn October I visited the following clubs: Mount Morris, Greece, Lima, Rochester Southeast, Penfield, Pittsford, Wellsville, Honeoye Lake, ROC City, Monroe County South, University of Rochester Rotaract, Canisteo, Irondequoit, and Waterloo. 
We held our monthly Governor’s Tract meeting in Canandaigua, the Multi-District President-Elect Training Seminar planning meeting in Syracuse, the Leadership Development Seminar in Mount Morris, the District Strategic Planning Workshop Team meeting via conference call, the District Advisory Council meeting in Geneseo, the District Nominating Committee meeting in Canandaigua, the One Rotary Summit in Canandaigua, and the Council of Governors luncheon in Geneseo. 
A message from District Governor Dave Hannan.
(Well worth the read)
District Governor Dave Hannan and Pam HannanRotary Connects the World!
Rotary International President 2019-2020 Mark Daniel Maloney, from Decatur, AL, USA, introduced his theme for this Rotary year, “Rotary Connects the World,” in January while I was at the Rotary International Assembly for District Governors-Elect. 
Reflecting on that theme, I have asked myself, “What does that mean to the ‘rank and file’ Rotarian?”
Obviously, Rotary international leaders are traveling the globe and connecting, and club members who are active in The Rotary Foundation Global Grants process are connecting, but what about the rest of us?
Introducing Maggie Barnes, District 7120 Calendar Coordinator
It is my pleasure to introduce Maggie Barnes who recently volunteered to be our District Calendar Coordinator. A native of Buffalo, she graduated from Medaille College with a degree in communications. She has worked as a reporter, editor, public relations person, marketer, college teacher, and writer. She currently works for Corning Community College in the Workforce Education Department where she helps local companies get the training they need for their employees.
Maggie is also a FEMA-Certified Public Information Officer and a member of the Southern Tier Incident Management Team. She teaches crisis communication to first responders for the Department of Homeland Security.

Maggie is a passionate writer and has been published many times in Mountain Home magazine. She has won two statewide and three national awards for her articles.
Welcome to 7120
Messages from DG Dave Hannan.
Rotary is leading the way to eradicate polio

Rotary has led the fight to eradicate polio from our earth for the past 34 years. We are "this close."  We have partnered with the World Health Organization, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, UNICEF, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and governments to give the vaccine to billions of children. To see what we have accomplished so far and what we still must do please go to the End Polio Now website by clicking here.