Committee Co-Chair: Sara Visingard







Committee Co-Chair: John French

Committee Members:
Linda Goodrum
Nancy Latour
Vicki James
Rose Hogan
Warren Miller
Scott MacDonnell
Drew Ashley
Carl Grovanz


  • JOIN MEN & WOMEN from all continents, cultures, and occupations 
  • EXCHANGE IDEAS and form lifelong friendships  
  • TAKE ACTION to create positive change in our communities and beyond       


Mission Statement:  

Serve as a resource and provide assistance to District 7120 Clubs for membership development; member attraction (recruitment) and engagement (involving members in the club and its activities).


  • Provide support to the clubs, as well as to District 7120, so that they can achieve their membership goals for the year.
  • Identify and re-engage people who have participated in various Rotary Foundation and Rotary International programs; i.e., Group Study Exchange, Ambassadorial and Peace scholars; Vocational Training Team members, RYLA, Rotaractors, Interactors, etc.
  • Provide support for new club development.
  • Welcome new club members each month announcing them in the ​​​​​​monthly District Newsletter.
  • Hold District educational workshop(s).
  • Conduct Area meeting(s) to address regional issues and concerns related to membership development.
  • Send membership development information to all District 7120 Rotarians via the District Newsletter and/or the District Membership Development Webpages.
  • Promote and create opportunities for clubs to collaborate and share best practices and/or brainstorm membership development ideas 





March's Membership Monday seminar