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This list is of guest speakers are willing to come to your club and present their program

If you know of anyone who is willing to be added to this list please have them contact the Website administrator using the Contact Us link on the home page 

PDG Dave Hannan
Newark Rotary's Dr. Dave Hannan is a retired family physician who understands Polio, how the disease is transmitted, and how Rotary's efforts over the past 30+ years are reaching the goal of ERADICATING POLIO from the face of the earth.  We are "That Close," and look forward to "Dropping to Zero" cases in the near future.  For an informative club program live or by Zoom, contact him at

Mary Berk – Caring for the Caregiver


Mary Berk is an author and a local expert in the area of wellness.  Mary has worked professionally with caregivers for many years and has been a caregiver herself for two family members.

Mary is a Certified Health Coach and a delightful presenter.  The thrust of her message is "caring for the caregiver."  In other words, it seems so often it is the caregiver in a situation who pays too little attention to his/her own health while caring for a loved one.  That is a primary focus of her book “Caring Well, A Planning Workbook for Caregivers.”

It seems all of us fall into the category of caregiver at one or more points in our lives.  And Mary’s counsel and advice is right on target.

To arrange for Mary as a speaker, you may email her at or call her at 585-281-9652.  For additional information, check out her website at

The Synthesis Collaborative

The primary initiative of The Synthesis Collaborative, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is IMPACT! (Improving Access to Care by Our goal is to advance the delivery of healthcare in rural, underserved, impoverished communities throughout the world. We aim to provide a comprehensive x-ray solution, meaning that both the x-ray equipment and professional diagnostic interpretations of the images are provided at little or no cost to the host community. Beginning in Bangladesh and Haiti, IMPACT! will purchase and deploy basic x-ray equipment, then use our global network of radiologists to interpret the images obtained using Cloud PACS technology. These physicians (50 & counting) from around the globe have volunteered to read the x-rays free of charge. Using the theme of “Images Heal” we will invite artists from our other initiative, Wall Therapy (, to create inspiring murals in these communities.


If you are interested in a program on this topic, please contact: Ian Wilson at and/or Jason A Fair at

Prevention 1st
Prevention 1st is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit, charitable organization with a mission to prevent unintentional injury for populations at particularly high risk: children, older adults, and people with disabilities. To contact President Jack Dinaburg about presenting a program for your Club you can reach him at or (585) 383-6506 or write to him at Prevention 1st, One Grove St. Suite 235, Pittsford, NY 14534


My Top Ten Essential Business Etiquette Tips

Diane Marcus is offering to be a guest speaker for your Club to discuss etiquette tips for business, social and health care. To see more about this please go to this website:
It is just good business for your employees to know proper business etiquette, from the smallest company to the largest. Why take the chance of losing a sale just because someone failed to follow standard protocol in the business world? Business etiquette includes much more than how to give a proper handshake or knowing which fork to pick up next at the dinner table.


 To contact Diane, her E-mail address is and her phone number is (585) 233-8651


“Let’s Talk About Water   .....and Global Grants”

One of six focus areas of Future Vision of The Rotary Foundation is Water and Sanitation. 

 Think what $35,000, $50,000, even $200,000 can do for certain projects - wells, purification, distribution, latrines, handwashing campaigns.  It can be as easy as writing a check, and in the process you have the opportunity to work with other Rotary Clubs - isn’t that what we do best?


Speaker: Jim Crane, District Water and Sanitation Chair,, 585-289-8980

Books for the World

The Rotary has a remarkable program called "Books for the World" that takes lightly-used textbooks and teacher's manuals plus library books and children's books and redistributes them to countries in Africa, Asia and South America where they are transforming schools and children alike. Since 2009, our district has worked with District 7150 and other districts in NYS to collect, palletize, finance and ship these books by tractor-trailer to Houston for dispersal to points around the globe. In 2011, I was asked by PDG Ward Vuillemot to help organize our district for the program. Our success has been staggering and we have only scraped the surface. We now have over twenty RCs in D7120 involved in the project that addresses both Literacy and International objectives. With this support, our second semi from D7120 will be leaving Rochester in June and we are on track to send three semis a year to Houston and points beyond.

Guest Speaker: Ray Griswold 

                                      To learn more about this exciting program, check out our website at
                             For a presentation at your club, contact Pen-Web Rotarian Ray Griswold at or 585-264-0232 . 

Child Sexual Abuse – Prevalence and Community Resources

Bivona Child Advocacy Center has formed a partnership with 11 other local and government organizations to address the epidemic of child sexual abuse in our community.  The Greater Rochester Darkness to Light Collaborative offers Stewards of Children training to empower responsible adults to understand the devastating effects of child sexual abuse, to recognize the signs and symptoms, and to know how to respond on behalf of a child who may be the victim of abuse. It is a program seeking to protect children from sexual abuse by placing the responsibility on adult shoulders. Stefanie Szwejbka, Prevention Education & Outreach Specialist at Bivona, will explain how the program works and what kind of impact it can have on our community.  

Speaker: Stefanie Szwejbka, Prevention Education & Outreach Specialist from the Bivona Child Advocacy Cente
Web Site: 
Contact Information: or call (585) 935-7822

The Magic of Rotary

How do you become a successful growing Rotary club?  It's all about VISION and TRUST built on a rock-solid base of POSSIBILITY THINKING.  The leadership style, club dynamics and projects that were successful in the past are not working and you're losing more members than you attract.  Why?  Because people today are joining Rotary with different expectations than they did years ago.  "Whatever / Whenever" has become "Hands-on / NOW!"

This thought-provoking program addresses these issues in today's terms.  Bill explores the positive reinforcement required to build TRUST, encourage the heart and let your members know their energy, talents and enthusiasm are needed and most importantly appreciated.  You'll learn how to develop a creative environment with VISION and an energy-vibe that keeps members engaged.  Bill's unforgettable message is a unique combination of real life experience and proven techniques that will increase effectiveness within your Rotary club, district and zone organizations.  He brings his successful organization leadership skills and magical entertainment to center stage, and exposes the secrets of The Magic of Rotary.

It's time to take action and get your Rotary club back on track.  Imagine how powerful your team will be when everyone is inspired with the same vision.  The renewed energy, excitement and commitment will improve your organization in ways you've only imagined.  Your members need VISION.  They need FOCUS.  They need LEADERSHIP.  They need YOU.  And they need it NOW!

Bill Gormont

Speaker: Bill Gormont, District Gov. 2015/2016 and Past-President of Greece Rotary Club
Web Site:
Contact Information: Use the contact link on the web site ( or call 585-227-9760


The Secrets of Effective Club Programming Finally Revealed

A Rotary club is only as effective as its programming.  The single most important element that drives a club's success is the quality and content of its programs.  This is what brings existing members to meetings, improves member retention and incents visitors to join.  Look at your last three club meeting programs and ask yourself ... "What was the take-away for our members and guests at these meetings?"  If there was nothing of importance presented that inspired the attendees to talk about the meeting later that day and into the next week, why would they want to come back?  The answer's simple really.  Give them what they want.

This program explores these critical success factors:  Importance of Program Strength; Successful Program Elements; Advanced Planning; Determining Member Interest & Club Needs; Program Development; Speaker / Presenter Resources; Program Assessment

The Secrets of Effective Club Programming takes an in-depth look at these critical success factors and their supporting practices.  Together, they provide you with the tools necessary to transform an ordinary club meeting into an extraordinary event containing value, excitement and most of all ... FUN!  It doesn't matter if your Rotary club is urban, rural, large or small, this process and these techniques work.

Let Bill bring his successful organizational skills and magical entertainment to center stage, and expose The Secrets of Effective Club Programming.  The results you'll achieve by applying these easy-to-learn, simple-to-perform principles will absolutely astound you.

Bill Gormont
Speaker: Bill Gormont, District Gov. 2015/2016 and Past-President of Greece Rotary Club
Web Site:
Contact Information: Use the contact link on the web site ( or call 585-227-9760


Shelter Box Program

If your club is interested in having a Shelter Box program presented please contact Rich Comins at his home phone number (585) 872-9584 or his cell number (585) 899-9366 or his E-mail address: You can also contact Chuck Mertz at his phone number (585) 864-1967 or his E-mail address: To see what the Shelter Box is about please go to this link: Shelter Box website