Club Website Award Contest
To submit your club website for this contest, visit: CLICK HERE
This award will be presented at the upcoming District 7120 Conference.
Club's websites should be up-to-date and ready for judging by April 16 as judging will begin April 17 and will conclude on April 26. This will allow ample time for the judges to review the club’s websites and get the results to the Awards Committee in time to have the awards prepared for presentation at the District Conference. If you have any questions about this contest please contact the chairperson, Tom Brown (
Your club web site will be evaluated based on the following:
Initial view, Layout: attractive, eye-catching, neat.  (20 points)
Current: Does the website have the current logos, officers (if listed) calendars, stories, etc. (15 points)
Navigation: Ease of navigation within the website.     (15 points)
Club information: Is club meeting location and times easy to find? Club news, calendar of events, and activities.  (15 points)
Images: Use of graphics, photos.   (10 points)
Social Media Links: Links to and use of Social Media channels on the website (10 points)
Rotary Information: Link to the District's website? Link to Rotary International? (10 points)
Club Bulletin/Newsletter: Are club newsletters available on the club's website?  Current Newsletter? Past Newsletters archived? (5 points)