Masks Required in Indoor Public Places

Effective Dec. 13, masks must be worn in all indoor public places unless businesses or venues implement a vaccine requirement.
                This morning NY Governor Kathy Hochul reinstated a statewide mandate for wearing masks at indoor public events beginning Monday, December 13. This applies to Rotary meetings, fundraisers, and projects that are held indoors at a public facility. THERE IS NOT AN EXCEPTION FOR EATING FOOD. There is an exception for events where all participants provide proof of vaccination, i.e. the digital Excelsior Pass or the CDC vaccination card. This will be enforced by county health departments. This mandate is in effect at least until January 15, 2022.
                Here are the options for Rotary clubs:
  • Hold virtual meetings.
  • Hold hybrid meetings at a public facility where those attending in person provide proof of vaccination (as referenced above).
  • Hold in person meetings at a public facility at where those attending provide proof of vaccination (as referenced above).
  • Hold in person meetings at a non-public facility. (Check with your county health department to ascertain their concurrence that the facility is “non-public.”)
Please reach out to your meeting facility manager and your food vendor as soon as possible in order to maintain a good working relationship with these people.
Despite the “COVID fatigue” which we are all experiencing, it is truly important for clubs to continue meeting and serving our communities. It is also important, whether or not we agree with Governor Hochul’s decision, that Rotarians comply with these directives to protect our members and to maintain a favorable public image in our communities.