August is “Membership and Club Development month”.  It is time to focus on our club membership.  It is critical that club members feel that they are a part of the club and that the Rotary Club reflects the community it serves.  Membership month is also a great time to conduct a strategy for membership growth.
Rotary International  President Holger Knaack recently said the following about membership,  "Let’s grow Rotary sustainably. Rotary’s flexible options for participation will engage members and show the community how we’re different from any other club. Let’s celebrate that Rotary is now less about rules and more about joining together in a variety of ways besides traditional meetings."
During my first full month as District Governor, I have met with many clubs in person and virtually. What I see are Rotarians who are engaged and willing to go the extra mile to keep their clubs together.
It appears that every club in District 7120 is keeping connected on a variety of levels: In-person, Facebook, email,  Zoom, or a hybrid of Zoom and in-person meetings.  I have attended change over celebrations, Paul Harris Fellowship recognitions, member inductions, and my official District Governor visit both in person and virtually on Zoom.  Clubs continue to participate in service projects and fundraising, only differently.
District 7120 Rotarians have the passion to keep going by looking outside the box to continue serving their communities.  Our members have the opportunity to promote projects to prospective members looking for a way to give back to their community.
For Membership Month, I ask leadership to continue to nurture existing members and reach out to prospective members and friends of Rotary.