7120 District Club Bulletin Contest
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Club Bulletin Award Evaluation Criteria


2017 - 2018 Contest

This Rotary year, 2017-2018, clubs will select three (3) bulletins/newsletters, published in the time frame July 1, 2017 to January 31, 2018. The reason that the whole Rotary year isn’t judged is to allow time for the submissions to be received by the judges, judged, and for the results to be sent to the Awards Committee for the awards to be made in time for the awards presentations at the District Conference. Club’s submissions of their 3 selected bulletins are to be emailed to: Pat Overmoyer at povermoyer@frontiernet.net . Submissions should be attached to an email message in the format of a "pdf" file or Word document file. Entries are due on or before February 1, 2018.

Each of the following categories will be rated on a 0 to 5 point basis unless otherwise noted. 

    1.     Writing Style: creative, witty, informative, to and for the members.

2.     Layout and Presentation: attractive, eye-catching openings, neat, easy to read format,  and reader friendly.

3.     Graphics, photos and color: use of these items to enhance the story or to illustrate.

4.     Program Report:  Does you club have a weekly program/guest speaker? A report with or without a picture will be a bonus to your overall score for the competition. 

5.     Club News: Upcoming events, fund raisers, projects, results of  events, attendance, make ups, trips, special recognition’s, etc.

6.     Member Recognition: new member biography, accomplishments, fines. 

7.     District Information: Meetings, dinners, training sessions, visitations, programs, projects, accomplishments and requests. 

8.     RI Information: Extracts from articles in the Rotarian magazine, ABC’s of Rotary, and similar sources.